We are delighted to announce the winners of the 4th James Tate International Poetry Prize, aimed at the development, celebration and promotion of contemporary Surrealist poetry. We have received 35 poetry manuscripts from Australia, Canada, Cyprus, England, Ireland, Philippines, the USA, and Wales. The quality of most manuscripts was remarkable, and it wasn't easy to come up with the list of winners. Still, we have selected six manuscripts that we liked best. Both prizes are shared, and we will publish all the six manuscripts in the coming months.

1st PRIZE (in alphabetical order):
Charles Borkhuis. Spontaneous Combustion
Stuart Ross. Cringe System

2nd PRIZE (in alphabetical order):
Becki Hawkes. The Naming of Wings
Kurt Luchs. The Sound of One Hand Slapping
Daniel McGinn. Drowning the Boy
Philip Venzke. Chant to Save the World

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order):
Partridge Boswell. Wild Card
Graham Clifford. Attack
Matt Dennison. Night Whales
Mara Lee Grayson. Unstable as a Bookcase after Midnight
David Greenslade. Zamalek Island
Elise Houcek. So Neon Was the Rope
Michelle Moloney King. Another Name for Mother
Kenneth Pobo. Doom With Laundry
Dan Raphael. Can’t Explain
Julie Sampson. flashes, sparks, a series of dots and dashes
Matthew Schmidt. A Bone-Flower’s Upward Growth
Carol Shillibeer. The Goat Brothers
Ronald Terry. Forgotten Mythologies
Edytta Wojnar. i have the right to walk on my eyelashes
Mark Young. ABBAdABBA

Many congratulations to the worthy winners, and many thanks to every poet who sent us their work!


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